Eyeshot 11 WinForms API Reference
WinForms Assembly / devDept.Eyeshot.Mouse3D Namespace
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    devDept.Eyeshot.Mouse3D Namespace
    In This Topic
    Provides classes for 3D mouse buttons support.
    ClassProvides data for the devDept.Eyeshot.ViewportLayout.Mouse3DButtonDown and devDept.Eyeshot.ViewportLayout.Mouse3DButtonUp event.
    Class ButtonMask from device
    Class Class with the device information.
    ClassProvides data for the devDept.Eyeshot.ViewportLayout.Mouse3DMove event.
    Class Rotation Vector from device.
    Class Translation Vector from device.
    DelegateRepresents the method that will handle the devDept.Eyeshot.ViewportLayout.Mouse3DButtonDown or devDept.Eyeshot.ViewportLayout.Mouse3DButtonUp event.
    DelegateRepresents the method that will handle the devDept.Eyeshot.ViewportLayout.Mouse3DMove event.
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