devDept.Geometry Namespace

Provide classes for geometric base types like points, vectors, planes, quaternions, transformations, etc. It also includes the Utility class for utility functions like radians to degrees conversion, point in polygon, etc.
Name Description
Public class Align3D Transformation that aligns an orthonormal frame with another.
Public class AnalyticSurf Base class for analytic surfaces.
Public class AreaAndVolume Base class for area and volume properties calculation.
Public class AreaProperties Area properties of a 2D polygon or area properties of a solid defined by a triangle mesh.
Public class ColorSmoothTriangle Mesh smooth triangle with color definition.
Public class ColorTriangle Mesh triangle with color definition.
Public class ConicalSurf Analytic conical surface definition.
Public class CylindricalSurf Analytic cylindrical surface definition.
Public class Static EnumExtender Utility class to display localized text for enums.
Public class Equation System of equations, equation definition.
Public class Static FlagsHelper Flags class helper.
Public class Identity Identity transformation.
Public class IndexLine Defines an edge using vertex indices
Public class IndexLineComparer Compares two IndexLine objects.
Public class IndexTriangle Defines a triangle using vertex indices.
Public class InitialPoint Intersection initial point definition.
Public class InterPoint Intersection point definition.
Public class LockBitmap
Public class Matrix Matrix operations helper class. Provides matrix multiplication, inversion and determinant computation methods.
Public class Mirror Mirror transformation.
Public class NurbsSurf Analytic nurbs surface definition.
Public class OrientedBoundingBox Oriented Bounding Box definition.
Public class OrientedBoundingRect Oriented Bounding Box definition.
Public class PlanarSurf Analytic planar surface definition.
Public class Plane Plane definition.
Public class PlaneEquation Plane equation definition.
Public class Point2D Defines a 2D point.
Public class Point3D Defines a 3D point.
Public class Point4D Defines a point in homogeneous coordinates.
Public class Static PointExtender Point3D Extender.
Public class PointNormal Point cloud point definition.
Public class PointNormalUv Surface point definition.
Public class PointRGB Colored 3D point definition.
Public class PointTangent 3D point and tangent definition.
Public class PointTangentU 3D point, tangent and U definition.
Public class PointU Curve point definition.
Public class PointUv Surface point definition.
Public class PointWithDisplacement Defines a Point3D with displacement.
Public class PolyRegion2D Class that performs boolean operations on contours of 2D polygonal region.
Public class Polygon2D Closed 2D polygon definition.
Public class QuadraticTriangle Six noded triangle class definition.
Public class Quaternion Defines a rotation in three dimensions.
Public class RevolvedSurf Analytic revolved surface definition.
Public class RichSmoothTriangle Mesh smooth triangle with material definition.
Public class RichTriangle Mesh rich triangle definition.
Public class Rotation Rotation transformation.
Public class Scaling Scale transformation.
Public class Segment2D Defines a 2D segment.
Public class Segment3D Defines a 3D segment.
Public class SharedEdge Shared edge definition.
Public class Size2D Defines a 2D size.
Public class Size3D Defines a 3D size.
Public class SmoothTriangle Mesh smooth triangle definition.
Public class SphericalSurf Analytic spherical surface definition.
Public class TabulatedSurf Analytic tabulated surface definition.
Public class ToroidalSurf Analytic toroidal surface definition.
Public class Transformation 4x4 transformation matrix.
Public class Translation Translation transformation.
Public class TriangleTriangleIntersectionConverted
Public class Utility Contains a collection of utility methods and constants.
Public class UtilityEx Contains a collection of utility methods and constants for internal use.
Public class UtilityMacros For internal use only.
Public class Vector2D Defines a 2D vector.
Public class Vector3D 3D Vector definition.
Public class VolumeProperties Volume properties of a solid defined by a triangle mesh.
Name Description
Public interface ITriangleSupportsColor Interface for IndexTriangle that supports colors.
Public interface ITriangleSupportsNormals Interface for IndexTriangle that supports normals.
Public interface ITriangleSupportsTextureCoords Interface for IndexTriangle that supports texture coordinates.
Public interface IVertex Common properties of vertices.
Name Description
Public structure Coefficient System of equations, equation non zero term definition.
Public structure Interval Interval definition.
Public structure MomentOfInertia Moment of inertia and radii of gyration values.
Public structure SharedFace Shared face definition.
Public structure SilhoEdge Edge structure for hidden lines computation.
Public structure SilhoPolyRegion 2D polygonal region structure for hidden lines computation.
Name Description
Public enumeration angularUnitsType Angular unit system type.
Public enumeration lineWeightPrintingUnitsType Line weight unit system type used for printing.
Public enumeration lineWeightUnitsType Line weight unit system type.
Public enumeration linearUnitsType Linear (length) unit system type.
Public enumeration massUnitsType Mass unit system type.
Public enumeration planeIntersectionType Plane intersection type.
Public enumeration pointStatusType Point status type.
Public enumeration polygonStatusType Polygon status type.
Public enumeration segmentIntersectionType 2D segment intersection type.
Public enumeration supportedLinearUnitsType Supported linear (length) unit.
Public enumeration supportedMassUnitsType Supported mass unit.

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.8

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