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EWS Web Service > All Operations Resource Group : /V1/Eyeshot.svc/AddRotation (Method)
Applies a rotation to the whole scene.
Request (IEyeshot_AddRotation_InputMessage)

The request body is of type AddRotation.

Request Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
The angle in radians.xml:double
The rotation axis' X direction.xml:double
The rotation axis' Y direction.xml:double
The rotation axis' Z direction.xml:double
The rotation axis' X origin.xml:double
The rotation axis' Y origin.xml:double
The rotation axis' Z origin.xml:double
centerZ Element centerY Element centerX Element vectorZ Element vectorY Element vectorX Element angleInRadians Element Sequence AddRotation Element


angleInRadians optional xs:double
vectorX optional xs:double
vectorY optional xs:double
vectorZ optional xs:double
centerX optional xs:double
centerY optional xs:double
centerZ optional xs:double
Response (IEyeshot_AddRotation_OutputMessage)

The response body is of type AddRotationResponse.

Response Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
Error messages.xml:string
AddRotationResult Element Sequence AddRotationResponse Element


AddRotationResult optional xs:string
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