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EWS Web Service > All Operations Resource Group : /V1/Eyeshot.svc/ConvertToDxf (Method)
Converts to DXF file format.
Request (IEyeshot_ConvertToDxf_InputMessage)

The request body is of type ConvertToDxf.

Request Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
The AutoCAD® version type.ArrayOfWriteAutodesk.versionType
When true save the colors as Aci colors if possible. (AutoCAD® color index).xml:boolean
If some entities need to be regenerated, this is the regeneration tolerance (chordal error).xml:double
tolerance Element aciColors Element WriteAutodesk.versionType Element Sequence versionTypes Element Sequence ConvertToDxf Element


Response (IEyeshot_ConvertToDxf_OutputMessage)

The response body is of type ConvertToDxfResponse.

Response Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
Error messages.xml:string
ConvertToDxfResult Element Sequence ConvertToDxfResponse Element


ConvertToDxfResult optional xs:string
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