Install Eyeshot

The Eyeshot Installer installs .NET assemblies that contain Eyeshot controls and components, and integrates them into your Visual Studio IDE. In addition, this tool installs demo applications that illustrate the functionality provided by Eyeshot.

To learn how to obtain the installer tool, refer to the Download the Eyeshot installer section in this documentation.

  • Run the EyeshotFem20220XXX.exe file that you previously downloaded from
  • After you run the installer, you will see the welcome page where you can customize the target path.
  • After reading and accepting the license terms and conditions, you can proceed with the installation.

  • On this page you can choose typical or custom installation.

  • Custom installation give you the possibility to choose the product you wish to install. Note that if you only have a license for one platform, you still have an opportunity to install the other products, which will operate in trial mode. Check or uncheck to choose whether to install all products or only registered products, and click Modify to proceed to the next page.

  • During the installation process, you will see an indicator that shows you the progress of the installation. If you wish to interrupt the installation process, click the Close button. Otherwise, wait until the installer performs all necessary actions and notifies you that the installation process has completed.

  • After proceeding with all of the steps mentioned above, the devDept Software products should successfully be installed on your development machine. If you have any issues during the installation, please send the error message to our Support Team for immediate investigation.

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