Manually installing Eyeshot to Visual Studio toolbox

This document provides a step-by-step guidance on how to manually install Eyeshot to Visual Studio Toolbox.


Step-By Step Instructions

To manually install Eyeshot into Visual Studio Toolbox:

  1. Open Visual Studio
  2. Create a new Windows Forms or WPF application
  3. In the Designer view, refer to the Toolbox on the left side
  4. Right-click on the ToolBox and choose Add Tab
  5. Name the Tab as "devDept Eyeshot 2022"
  6. Right-click on the created Tab and select Choose Items
  7. Browse and Add devDept.Eyeshot.Control.Win.v2022.dll from C:\Program Files\devDept Software\Eyeshot Fem 2022\Bin\net472
  8. Finally, your Toolbox will look like the following:

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